Business History

Extreme 4×4 Nation, Inc. is your all-in-one website. Sign up and create your own personal profile page, find new friends, posts status updates, join a local chapter, write your own articles, post classified ads, talk with others in our many forums, and you can even share photos or videos!

Bryan Freeman from Extreme 4x4 Nation

Bryan Freeman, CEO of Extreme 4×4 Nation is also the Vice President of REPCON NW INC, & Founder of Extreme 4×4 Forum. He is extremely well versed with marketing and sales with over 10 years of manufacture representative experience. He can help you become a household name.


Extreme 4×4 Nation was created to bring the off-road community together in one location.

About Us

Extreme 4×4 Nation principals are active Off-Road enthusiasts, Mudders, Baja Racers & Rock Bouncers with every make and model of vehicle. We have a thorough knowledge of the Off-Road industry and follow the latest trends and can steer your company to stay ahead of the competition. We use online social media, forums, professional pictures & video to promote you and your products. We also partner with our extensive dealer network to get your products to market fast! In other words, you focus on what you do well and leave the selling and marketing to us. PS. The beauty of working with Extreme 4×4 Nation is there are no contracts. If you don’t like the results, don’t pay us.