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    [caption id="attachment_1331" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Jeep JK 3.8L Spark Plugs and Wires Jeep JK 3.8L Spark Plugs and Wires[/caption]

    Who here has changed out their Jeep JK 3.8L plugs and wires? I recently did mine and I’ve had nothing but problems. I went with the recommended Champion plugs and stock Mopar wires as well as the .050 gap but I seem to keep getting an error code. I had it checked and it was plug 1. Once I checked the plug I noticed that the gap had changed so I regapped it and started the Jeep again. No such luck. So I’ve switched back to my old wires thinking maybe a wire was bad. Nope that didn’t do it either. I’ve now replaced plugs 1 and 3 with new plugs again to see if that would help. No such luck again. Next on the list is upgrading to different plug wires and adding heat shield. Who has used the ACCEL 8.8mm plug wires or LiveWires 8mmwires? The ACCEL 8.8mm wires are rated at 550 Degrees where the LiveWires are rated at 1400 Degrees. Performance Distributors makes the LiveWires and they also offer a Jeep 3.8 FirePower Ignition Kit. The FirePower kit comes with the High Voltage Screamin’ Demon Coiland LiveWires. I’ve talked with a friend who’s switched to the FirePower kit and loves it. Anyone else have any experience with this issue?


    Daniel Sorenson

    I have been running the live wires and screamin demon coil in my 08 JKU for around  a year and a half now and haven’t had any issues. The wires can definitely take some heat because I noticed that my #3 wire (from what I remember) was practically sitting on the manifold one day but it didn’t show any signs of damage and is still running strong. I have my plugs gapped to .060. One thing is that even though the advertising states that it doesn’t cause radio interference, I still get a little whine, that will increase in pitch when I rev the engine, every now and than that I can hear when I’m running an MP3 off of my factory stereo and there isn’t anything playing but the volume is turned up, nothing that is noticeable with anything playing though.

    Jeff Sears

    I did a set of Champions and and the OmniSpark Wires (stock O’Reilly’s version) on my first engine. Ran fine no issues.

    However, I burn through spark plug wires on my new engine. It has a set of Gibson headers, with Champion plugs. The headers get too hot that it slowly melts the wire and you eventually get a misfire. I tried expensive thicker wires that have a higher heat tolerance. I just throw my money away with that. I just buy stockers now, and wrap them in heat tape, and then put a heat sleeve over that, and then a heat tape on  top of that. That seems to last the longest now.

    What actual error codes are you throwing? That would be helpful in actually trouble shooting the issue and not just throwing wires and new plugs at it.



    Thanks for the help guys. The code error was about plug 1. Changing the plug and wire didn’t help at first so I’ve added the new LiveWires and Screamin Deamon coil. No improvement. I still get an error code. I then changed all the plugs again(I’m using the recommended Champion Double Platinum Plugs). Seemed to work but once I took it out on a busy road the error message came back. I went with LiveWires recommended .065 gap. I’m going to switch them to the stock .050 gap and see if that improves anything. I’m wondering if the cracked stock manifold is causing the error code.


    On Saturday I pulled all the plugs again and checked the gap. None of the plugs look fouled but still no improvement. I’ve also replaced the Crank Position Sensor and still no improvement. I’ve done some research and it seems there is a list of things that can cause this code. One being bad cats. I’ve known for a while now that the cats were going out. I checked them this weekend and they are definitely shot. My next coarse of action is to replace the cats. If that doesn’t fix the problem then time to see the dealership and have them run a full diagnostic on the motor.


    Well after weeks of screwing around with my 3.8l JK motor I finally found the problem. The Champion Double Platinum spark plugs do not work in my Jeep. I switched to the NGK V-Power plugs and that fixed my issue. Not only were the NGK plugs a fraction of the cost of the Champion Double Platinum spark plugs but they also don’t foul after 5 minutes of running. I will be publishing an article about this as well as the RIPP Superchargers header install and the High Voltage Screamin’ Demon Coil and LiveWires install.

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