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    The Hungarian capital is renowned for the impressively high density of heritage sites that reside within the city limits and as you’d expect, this makes it a hotbed of tourist attractions and draws in millions of visitors a year.

    That being said, the area surrounding Budapest has, if you can believe it, even more to offer in the way of unimaginably beautiful nature, historic wonders and more.

    Given Budapest’s location, on the banks of the Danube River, the city is an ideal spot for a base from which you can plan day trips to the seemingly endless number of villages, towns and cities that are scattered around this central part of the country.

    Let’s check out some of the best day trips from Budapest:

    The fact that the city of Esztergom was once originally the capital of Hungary over 1000 years ago might give you some kind of idea as to the sheer amount of historically fascinating sites and activities there are to see and do here.

    Located around 60km northwest of Budapest, Esztergom lies where the Danube coincides with the country’s Central Uplands and the resulting scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

    With so much to do, it’s tempting to stay for more than a day in Esztergom, but if you’re only there for one, be sure not to miss the Castle Hill area, famed for the Hungarian Royal Palace ruins and the stunning Cathedral with its iconic towers flanking its sides.

    If you’ve got time, venture up into the adjacent Pilis Mountains where you can explore oak and beech forests peppered with caves and beautiful chalk cliffs.

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