Over the weekend the stock heater hose on my 2010 6.2L LS swapped Jeep JK sprung a bad leak due to rubbing on one of the zip ties that were used to keep the heater hoses from touching the exhaust header. I used some duct tape to get me home till I could replace the hose.

I ordered an new hose online and before it even arrived, I noticed that I was going to have some difficulty getting to the hose clamp on the firewall side. The LS truck and SUV engines have a taller intake manifold than the car LS motors. I do not have small hand and even if I did, I don’t know that it would be enough room to squeeze the hose clamp in order to remove the hose, let alone replace the hose with a new one.

Stock Jeep JK Heater Hose Replacement

So here is what I ended up doing. Since I already had a new hose on order, I cut the old hose and added a 90 degree coupler. Using a new hose clamp I mounted it up and out of the way of the exhaust. When the new hose arrived, I trimmed what I needed and reattached everything.

I think I’ll reroute the other hose next so it’s not so close to the headers.