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Here are a couple things to remember when writing a compelling article/post.

  • Be creative and original.
  • Make sure the topic is clear immediately.
  • We recommend 750 word minimum.(1,500 to 3,000 words is ideal. Very long articles are allowed, but may be serialized, as the editors see fit.)
  • Articles that are about local events, product promotional, or otherwise self-promoting are welcome. (i.e. Club Events, SEMA Builds, and New Product Announcements)
  • Use focused keywords in the heading and throughout the article.
  • Write to communicate, not to impress.
  • Articles should have 3 images minimum and/or video link from YouTube.
  • Detailed descriptions are important.
  • Quote and cite reference sources.
  • Be sure to thoroughly proofread your article, and have at least one friend or relative proofread it, as well!

Our editor team will have to review your article before it’s published.