We put together this list of items that we wouldn’t mind seeing under our tree! Sure it might be a little random, but we think its all great gear to have! Cheers!

For the Toyota & Jeep Enthusiast

Pronghorn Overland Gear MFES Bumpers

At Pronghorn Overland Gear we design and manufacture high-strength, lightweight aluminum off-road and expedition gear with a focus on extreme functionality in extreme environments. You can check out more on their Toyota system here and their Jeep system here!!

PRICE: Starting @ $990

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Getting there safe – Multiple Applications

Hellwig Sway Bars

Hellwig Suspension Products offers an extensive line of load and sway control.  We fell in love with their JK sway bar’s and learned they offer a complete line, from Toyota to Ford and everything in-between.  If you load your rig, you NEED these bars! Check out our review here! And get your match here!

Price: Varies

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Survival Gear

Woodman’s Pal

The Original Woodman’s Pal® is designed to trim, prune, blaze trails, brush out lines, build hunting blinds, and remove unwanted growth. Light-weight, compact, and superbly balanced, the Woodman’s Pal® feels like an extension of your arm.
Handcrafted in Pennsylvania with all American-made raw materials.

PRICE: $65.45

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Camp Necessities

Greensport Camp Kitchen Utensil Set

High Quality Stainless steel kitchen utensil set from Greensport. Everything you need for cooking and eating can be hung at the campsite and rolls up for safe rattle free transport.


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Trail Gear – Keep it Cool!


ARB Fridge Freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your 4×4 adventures, regardless of ambient conditions.

Not to be confused with less effective 12 volt ‘coolers’, the ARB unit is a true refrigerator/freezer. Own one and you’ll never again find your lunch water- logged by shifting ice, and there’ll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months. Two separate power cords are included, one for AC operation (120 volt) at home, and one for DC operation (12/24 volt) in your vehicle. The all-new 50 qt model is able to maintain sub-freezing temperatures in 90° f heat, while only drawing an intermittent 1.35 amps per hour from a 12 volt power source. That’s less than a single headlamp draws!  Check out the complete specs here!

Price: MSRP $924.00

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Trail Tools

TeraFlex Multi-Purpose Tailgate Table

The TeraFlex JK MP (multi-purpose) tailgate table was co-developed with Vector Off Road and is designed specifically for the JK. The large 23.5”w x 12”d table is designed to provide maximum use while on the trail, and folds vertical when not in use. The MP table is constructed from lightweight aluminum with stainless steel hardware and is rated for 75 lbs. of evenly distributed load capacity. The table also includes a polyethylene cutting board, trash bag hooks, and a bottle opener. Multiple slots and holes allow for attaching accessories to the underside of the table. Find more information here.

Price: $224.99

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Need more than good lights to see!

PIAA Wiper Blades

PIAA windshield wiper blades are made with  silicone rubber, which ensures greater visibility by coating the windshield with silicone to promote continuous water beading in inclement weather. The effect is similar to popular windshield coatings but without the hazy side effects. Water beads up into droplets at low speeds that are easily removed by ordinary wiping. At higher speeds, wind pressure pushes the water off the windshield, often without even requiring wiper use.

The silicone rubber is also twice as durable as traditional rubber, allowing them to perform better over a longer period of time. Plus, the Aero Vogue and Super Silicone blades are refillable with our wiper refills.

PIAA wiper blades maintain a sharp, clean edge and offer better wear resistance in all climates.

Price: Varies

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Trail Tools

ARB 12 Volt Air Compressor (CKMA12)

So what makes this compressor special? It’s small enough to fit into even the tightest space and quiet enough to mount in the cab. It has enough output to air up four 35″ – 37″ tires in a single duty cycle and typically airs up a 35″ tire in just over two minutes.  And, it works. We’ve tested this unit in ovens, freezers, underwater and in the silty dust of the Simpson Desert and it continues to perform.

Price: $290.00

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Recovery Gear

Krazy Beaver Shovel

There are two types of outdoor enthusiast:  those that have been stuck and those that have yet to get stuck!

Mother nature can be brutal and unforgiving!  She can unleash the craziest of storms when you least expect it causing flash floods, mud, snow, hail, and insane dust storms.  If you spend any time in the outdoors camping, boating, hunting, or off-roading, it’s best to follow the Boy Scout Motto— “Be Prepared!”  Check out more information on the shovel here!

Price: MSRP $79.99

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Camp Essentials

TemboTusk Skottle Grill Kit

The grill is fabricated in the USA and comes pre-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The Skottle is designed around an inexpensive Coleman style single burner.  The burner simply hangs in the frame under the bottom of the Skottle pan.. Check out more info here!

Price: $219.00

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Look Good, Stay Warm

Mascot Naxos Knitted Pullover

MASCOT Naxos Knitted Pullover is windproof lining. Zip at the neck with storm flap. Rib at neck, at waist and cuffs. Phone chest pocket with zip. Canvas inserts on part of the product. Sleeve pocket with hook and loop band fastening. Pen holder. Contrast red stitching on parts of the garment.

Price: $129.95

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Light it up!

PIAA LP550 5″ LED Driving Lights

Need longer range? The PIAA 550 five inch LED Long Range driving lights feature Reflector-facing LEDs that project off of an ingenious computer-designed multi-surface reflector. Offering more and better illumination than halogen lights with the durability and low power draw of LED lighting. Kit includes two lights mounting brackets complete wiring harness and detailed installation instructions. Poly-carbonate and cast aluminum housing with poly-carbonate lens.

Price: $409.00

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Concealed Storage

Grenadeacorp GCP-1

This is one of those products that once you have it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.  The GCP-1 takes abandoned space in the JK and makes it useable and hidden keeping your gear out of sight and out of mind!  Check out the GCP-1 here!

Price: $645.00

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Protection where it matters!

ARB Differential Cover

When off road, it is inevitable that obstacles and off-road hazards will be encountered that could potentially inflict expensive damage to your differential. To prevent this, ARB manufactures the Differential Cover. Using high tensile nodular iron, it has been engineered to protect the differential and ring and pinion set from any off road hazards.

Price: Starting @ $199.00

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Traction – Get Some!

BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2

From the company that created the first all-terrain 4WD tyre in 1976, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2 is the toughest All-terrain tyre ever. Engineered from BFGoodrich’s championship off-road motorsports racing technology, the KO2 4×4 tyre delivers exceptional toughness, durability and traction for traversing harsh conditions, including gravel, dirt, rock, mud and snow. The new KO2 4WD tyre will give you the confidence to take on the toughest challenges for work or play.

Price: Varies on size

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Keep it on hand!

Revivex Instant Waterproofing Spray

Really…. Do we need to say more??? Check it out here!

Price: $9.95

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For taking a LONG trip

Titan Fuel Tank

Titan offers an extensive line of high capacity fuel tanks for when you really just need to get lost!  We think it would be a great addition to our project JK!  You can see more information on their Jeep Trail Trekker here!

Price: Jeep Trail Trekker $539.00

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For the OVER 21 crowd

Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene OR

Ninkasi makes some of our favorite brews, and nothing is better AFTER a long day on the trail and around a fire than a great beer!  We are also a big supporter of local companies, and well…. Their beer is amazing.

Price: Priceless

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Sleep well!

Hennessy Hammock – Asym Classic

This is an all-purpose hammock – great for backpacking, family camping, expeditions, kayaking, motorcycling, and any other purpose which requires comfort and durability at an affordable price.

Price: $159.95

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