Blacked Out Tail Lights and Turn Signals Write-Up

I wanted to share with you all the easy and inexpensive mods that I’ve done to my Jeep over the last few years. Tinting your turn signals and tail lights is one of the easiest ones I’ve done.

Turn Signals

Let’s start with the front turn signals. Here’s a good example of what the stock Jeep JK turn signals look like.

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up

Reach from the side of the Jeep and twist bulb holder out of housing. At this point you will see the connector has a lock on it to keep it from coming unplugged. Slide lock back and unplug harness. It’s that simple!!

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-UpAs you can tell I just used some paper towels for catching some of the over spray. Apply as many coats of paint as you like for a darker result.Reverse the removal steps to reinstall your turn signals and enjoy!

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up_After

Tail Lights

Here’s a great before photo of the stock tail lights on my Jeep.

Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up_Before

Using the Phillips Screwdriver (or Drill with Phillips Bit) remove the two screws from the lens on the INSIDE of the light. Pull the housing away from the Jeep, that’s all. Only two screws hold it on. Disconnect the harness from the Jeep. Driver’s side has two plugs, passenger has only one.

Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up

I applied two coats to this tail light but you can do as many as you would like.


Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-UpI decided to cut out a section of the masking tape to also paint the side of the tail lights.


Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-UpAs you can tell my Jeep was a little dirty when I started this mod but overall it came out really well and didn’t take very long at all.

The photo on the right is a recent photo that I took of my Jeep. It’s been over two years and the paint is still holding strong and it looks just as good as the first day I did this mod. 

You will need these items:

  • Tinting Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Phillips Screwdriver or Drill
  • Clean Rag
  • Cardboard or Paper

You’ve probably noticed the stock front bumper has been chopped and the custom made grill insert as well. We will get to those mods in a later post.

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up_1

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-UpUsing a clean rag I made sure the surface of the turn signals were clean of any dirt. I didn’t bother masking these off since people can only see the face of the turn signals, so after cleaning the surface I applied two coats of paint to the first turn signal to show the difference in what a tinted one looks compared to a stock one.

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up

Blacked Out Turn Signals Write-Up_2 years later

The above photo that I recently took of my front grill. It’s been over two years since I did this mod and even though a lot has changed to my grill you can see that the turn signals still looks as good as the first day I did it.


Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up

Once you have the tail lights off make sure to clean the surface with a rag and using the masking tape cover any parts that you don’t want sprayed. This image shows the process I used.


Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up

After applying a few coats to the first tail light I wanted to put the stock one next to it to show you the difference.

Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up_6

Reverse the removal step to reinstall the tail lights. It’s pretty straight forward.

Blacked Out Tail Lights Write-Up

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