One of the main highlights of any Jeep bound for the trails looking for challenges to conquer or longing for malls to crawl would rest at all 4 corners bound in rubber.  Wheels are a big part of a vehicles persona and what the owner wants it to be and is a huge part of our SEMA bound JK.  When we started looking for a wheel to put on our SEMA build we turned to the pros at Northridge 4×4 in Silverdale, WA.  We had worked with them before helping put a handle on sway control, installing a massive set of Hellwig sway bars and trusted their judgement on what we were trying to accomplish.

Our morning started out great, getting in a few “before” shots prior to the ATX Ravine Wheel Install!

Getting to open the boxes was a lot like Christmas, just way better!

We made sure to get a full set of 5 wheels to match our skins. With the amount of trail riding and highway miles planned we needed to make sure we kept our full-size spare.

Eric Johnson with Northridge really took no time to point us in a direction once we explained that our build was bound for trails, but would need to at times travel a thousand miles to get there.  We needed something that would be able to take gobs of abuse but look good getting there which lead us directly to Wheel Pros and their ATX line.  Once we saw the Ravine series wheels we weren’t willing to consider anything else… We had our wheel, in a matte gray finish with a black ring.  Winning.

The Team at Northridge 4×4 in Silverdale, WA getting the job done for us!  We opted to transfer out Mickey Thompson ATZ P3’s to the new wheels, even after a ton of trail rides and road miles they still had gobs of life left in them.

Having the extra width in the wheel really helped the tire sit right and should help make sure we don’t break a bead when airing down.

Once we had chosen a wheel we really weren’t comfortable taking our modified JK to a regular Dick and Sam tire shop, you wouldn’t ask a cook at fast food restaurant to prepare you a steak dinner. The guy’s in the back of the shop at Northridge 4×4 eat, sleep and breathe the world of modified JK’s.  We got a chance to watch them behind the scenes working on a few other rigs while doing our wheels and it was like being a kid in a candy store.  These guys are the best of the best at what they do and they get the best tools to do it…. Jealous much… We were.  After just a little bit of time they had our new shoes on, and one step closer to starting our Journey.


After we completed the installation of the wheels, our Project JK was taken out on the highway by a wrong way driver.. The rear driver side wheel and tire took the brunt of the impact, which also caused the Jeep to flip on its side.  We were incredibly impressed by how well the Wheel held up.  We never even got a chance to get it on the trail…. RIP Project JK

Our JK was taken out by a wrong way driver on a divided highway who was in a full skid taking up both lanes of travel.  We are thankful that we were able to walk away from the accident.

You can see the impact point on the rear driver side.  It completely destroyed our 8 ply Mickey…..

We want to thank Wheel Pros for their support of our 2015 SEMA build and look forward to the up coming show season with our next JK. To be continued……….

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