Welcome to Extreme Overland Expedition! We’ve started this section to introduce you to overlanding and all the great adventures you could experience for yourself. Here you will learn about what vehicle work the best for overlanding, where are some great places to visit, how to build your own overland trailer, and what you should plan to carry with you on your adventures.

Extreme Overland Expedition Forum

Are you interested in learning how to build an overland expedition trailer or 4×4? Have you been overlanding for a while and would like to talk with others who also love to go overlanding? Click on the link below to visit our Extreme Overland Expedition Forum and sign up for free today!

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Overland Expedition Classified Ads

Interested in buying or selling an overland expedition trailer? We have a great classifieds section dedicated to Overland Expedition trailers, Enclosed, and Flatbed Transport Trailers For Sale. Click on the link below to check them out!

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Extreme Overland Expedition Articles

Check out our Extreme Overland Expedition articles. Interested in learning about great destinations to take your overlanding rig? We are constantly reviewing products that we feel would be handing to have while overlanding.

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